im sorry evryone but the server has been taken down

DB's tekkit server

In the name of science

Free Domain
go here: im sorry


I will...

          -never grief or steal anything (this includes the environment i want to keep it natural).

          -do what admins and mods tell you

          -never exploit any glitches or bugs

          -never attack people if they dont agree to a fight.

          -be kind and respectful to everyone.

          -never build too close to other buildings or spawn unless its ok with the owner of that spot.

          -never use all CAPS or swear all the time (occasionally is ok).

          -never spam the chat.

          -never use any mods or hacks that are NOT in tekkit.

-keep timers above 1 second

-dont build quaries larger than 16*16

          -HAVE FUN AT ALL TIMES!!!

DB's tekkit server (apply now to get in)